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25 Modern Studio Apartment Decorations Ideas

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When you reside in a studio apartment, you are likely not really thinking of this home decor. Luckily, simply as you are living in a studio apartment, does not mean that you can not possess beautiful home accessories and decor.


The most essential step in a nicely decorated space is to de-clutter. Eliminate everything you are not using or do not require.

Opt simply to maintain pieces you really enjoy, particularly in regards to furniture, wall decor and other home accessories.

Split the Space

Split the space according to your everyday tasks. Depending on how big your studio apartment is, this might include creating a living room, a kitchen area and a sleeping place.

Big studio apartments, particularly lofts, may also offer you sufficient space for having a dining room or a office space.

When dividing the space, make certain to include lots of storage space.

Multi-purpose Furniture

Multi-purpose furniture is a superb alternative for tight urban spaces. A single piece of furniture that acts as a desk and a night stand may be a fantastic space saver.

The same is true for furniture such as ottomans that double as a coffee table, added seating and a few even offer you added storage.

Utilize Dividers

A divider doesn’t necessarily signify the real furniture piece called a divider display. But you may use different furniture items to split the space up accordingly.

By way of instance, depending on how big your studio apartment is, you might choose to organize a couch throughout the space so it divides your sleeping place in the living room.


Just because you have got a smaller living space does not mean that you want less lighting.

It’s possible to use general lighting to your day to day tasks, task lighting for activities like reading or writing and finally, decorative or accent lighting to highlight the space; like a bit of wall art or a architectural element of this space.


Finally, do not be afraid of color! A small space does not need to be restricted to light colors, in actuality, so long as you keep things minimal in relation to the sum, you may use any color you would like. Bold colors, dark shades, vivid, vibrant colors-anything.

Having over three colors can quickly and easily overpower small space home decor.

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