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Cozy Living Tropical House Designs for Summer

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Another house demonstrates contemporary architecture. The upper building gets some glass screens. The rooftop serves tropical quality through the wood construction. On the lower story, the house features a cozy patio. Pink leatherette chairs and some outdoor tables are arranged well just in front of the house. This patio is set along an exterior pond. The owner added the tropical quality by adding a small island with two coconut trees. Beyond this pong, the front yard landscape looks natural with decorative grasses and palm trees along the pathways.

Beautifull Exterior Tropical House Designs with Outdoor Livingroom

Wonderfull Tropical House Designs Bali Resort Villa

One more photo tells about a duplex apartment with splendid green wall paint. With three story apartment offers appealing glass glazing on the front fa├žade. The front yard offers a landscape with green artificial grasses and ferns. Natural stones also set to enhance the landscape idea. The tropical attribute of this house is also accentuated by the use of serene outdoor plants. Gorgeous Tropical House Designs with Unusual Roof

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